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Death by old cashew nut

 Author/Artist, Farrell Hamann
Corvette Police Car. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Police Dept.
 Corvette полицейскую машину. Блумфилд-Хиллз, штат Мичиган полиции отдел
Death by old cashew nut, aged 2 full years and plenty rancid. Muhahaha 
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The Armored Car

 Gecko in hot water with the mob. The Consigliere says a hit on a gecko is not a felony!

Society of the Pointy War Stick. The Exalted One goes forth to defeat evil. The Farrell Hamann Show, Sacramento, California.

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Old armored car image 

Not the guy who stole your S-Type Jaguar
Maybe Rep. Darrell Issa swiped it!

Running over an animal is bad luck. You don't need bad luck!
 Distrust can be your friend. This stool pigeon sang like a rat
Out of shape runner in a cheap pair of flip flops. Asshole is in back of the Sheriff's patrol car.  
 Из формы бегуна в дешевом пару шлепки. Мудак в задней патрульную машину шерифа.

If you best "pal" suggest you go out and steal some copper wire, consider if you want to be cellmates with this great thinker for five years of fucking misery
 Если у вас лучшая "приятель" предлагаю вам пойти и украсть медный провод, рассмотреть, если вы хотите быть сокамерников с этим великим мыслителем в течение пяти лет чертовски страдания

Some day it may be your turn to be the "rat" Just don't expect a witness protection program. Hahahahahahahahaha . The other text for this is: If you say you "don't give a rat's ass" one more time, I'll ask Thor to smite you again.
Когда-нибудь это может быть ваша очередь быть "крыса" Только не ожидайте программы защиты свидетелей. Hahahahahahahahaha.Другой текст для этого: Если вы говорите, "не дать задницу крысы" еще раз, я буду просить Тора, чтобы поразить вас снова

Least you forget. The runner in the cheap flip flops.... Think about how you'll feel after five years of listening to him bitch about how: "If I only dodged right instead of left, I would've got away!!" Idiot running down the street with his pubic hair on fire is not a dead giveaway, right?  Wrong! 
Hollywood actor and right wing freak, Adam S. Baldwin is on the same level of dumb, uses other people's material, and sucks ass in general)

You know you're "bad" right?  Oh yeah, raw meat bad.  OK, asshole, eat up.  If you were really bad, you'd complain you didn't get enough!  You only get the banana, pussy, if you take it up the ass from 10 other jailbirds in prison with you.  Suggestion: eat the banana first, may not be in the mood later.  Don't get resentful if they start calling you "Monkey Man" 

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James Wigderson is one fat dude who should wear his hoodie on backwards to spare the world from looking at his greasy face. A Wisconsin right wing blogger with pretensions that he can write. Nope, all his stuff seems to be derivative, even his insults. What did he say? Bloomberg can suck it? Something like that. Suck what, fats? Bet you wouldn't have the balls to say that to Bloomberg's face.

As an act of kindness, Monkey Man, I snapped this photo of you while the Judge was reading your sentence. This is your happy face because you got five years instead of ten!  Positively cheerful!
Top Secret CIA/MI6 Fear Test
 Совершенно секретно CIA/MI6 Страх испытаний

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Here's a nice pic of the fifty dollar bill ($50) that the Deputy picked out of your butt crack wearing his plastic gloves. Uh, fifty dollars, five year sentence, sounds like a bad deal. Hahahaha.  A good rule of thumb is you don't want a non-medical person approaching your asshole wearing rubber gloves.  Maybe, deep down, this is your secret wish fulfilled, Huh?  Sorry, Monkey Man, you get no banana.
The hard earned banana

Why is there ass stabbing in Rome and a bit else where? To "Puncicate" the victim, "Turkish Revenge", or: " A snick across the tush" (in UK)
Ass stabbing is considered less lethal and more humiliating. To stab someone below  the waist is considered a lesser crime and not attempted murder in some place (it can, however kill or cripple) This is just a horror story!  STABBED IN THE BUTTOCKS AT A GAME IN ROME!!

A jail song:
Fly on the wall
Fly on the wall
Beautiful fly on the wall
fly on the wall
fly on the wall
Beautiful fly on the wall
Тюрьма песни:
Летайте на стене
Летайте на стене
Красивые мухой на стене
летать на стене
летать на стене
Красивые мухой на стене

Author/Artist, Farrell Hamann says: "Have a cup of pruno on me. Hahahawasilla!!"

Make your own pruno (better not)

Armed Senior Citizen interrupts 2 armed gunmen, scares the crap out of them.

Who is robbing who? Little known fact. Bankers can actually see and hear you scream and cry through that little window on their envelopes.  Freaky, huh? How you doing on your credit cards, Homie?  Bills freaking you out? They love that!

 The criminal who smashed this glass didn't use a tool. When they caught him, he screamed and the glass shattered into a million shards. Poor sucker.

"Malice in Wonderland: A Tea Party Fable"  (A cool book that will not amuse the evil billionaire brothers, David and Charles Koch. Why you should boycott all Georgia Pacific products which includes Dixie Cups, Stainmaster carpets, and a hell of a lot of crappy toilet paper and paper towels. The Koch brothers just want to pollute freely and have already created a Superfund site with their toxic waste. The Tea Party candidates and office holders, like Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, etc. really suck. By the way: conservatives supported King George and the Redcoats during the American Revolution and the Boston Tea Party was about fair taxes, not no taxes!! The Tea Party is not a grassroots movement, it is astroturf paid for by the Koch billionaires who want to create their own cadre of Hitler type Brown Shirts.  They need to be stopped.  Sad, how they are passive and played by corporate money.  Only time to be as passive as them is when you have a thermometer stuck in your ass.  Fox News and CNN are part of the problem because they support the crazy right wing and won't call out liars like Limbaughzbub (El Rusbo)  Prescott Bush, George W's grandfather supported and aided the Nazis DURING WWII.  Evil

Secret and illegal "black jails" in China (important)

Below: Get rich on twigs from my YouTube video channel: farrellhamann

Below: Lime green, Babe Ruth, home run, World Series collectible softball. Very rare and in perfect condition. Worth a fortune!!
Donate to any food bank and you can use these cool food pics


Уголовное виду на работе (может быть, не очень хорошо работает, ха-ха)

Support: #occupywallstreet on twitter and Facebook

Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring and Activity Book (way cool and cheap 2!!) 

Revelation: 17:4-7
The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. And on her forehead a name was written: 


I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And when I saw her, I marveled with great amazement.
Nice article on corporate ass eater and punk, Grover Norquist
Grover Norquist (owned by the Koch brothers and other creeps. This guy gives Harvard a bad name.

Daughter, Tinker Bell says that crime does not pay. 

Liquid coal in your gas tank? Don't think so. See the cute cartoon made by the Sierra Club.  

John Bull farting in David Koch's face... no, wait, may be King George III. 

Old tried and true tire pump

Car Talk Traffic tickets, print up your own!!
(make nice gifts, cost nothing except printer ink and paper)

The Mitt Romney campaign came to my neighborhood just to run over poor kids

Radioactive granite and radon

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_v63oTveUEGI/TQDmpjZz9cI/AAAAAAAALeM/nyEskDOJ3p8/s400/hamidou.jpg  This link may freak you out!
Folsom Prison Blue by Johnny Cash 
The Howard Jarvis Tax Payer Association is a slimy group in California that played a major role is California's current economic condition. These are just a bunch of creepy tax avoiding corporate turkeys.  #HJTPA 
Mohel, mezizah,   
metzitzah b'peh
Evil wall in Israel makes the Berlin wall look puny. Tear down this evil apartheid monster.

Oops! I just got nasty on my otherwise clean site: The Montecito Cheese Rat!! Haha. Well, you know it was coming right? 

Do not abuse Rogaine (Minoxidil) Don't be like me!

Above cute little blue penis warmer for Lt. John Pike of the Davis, California Police Dept., the guy who pepper gassed harmless students on campus of UC-Davis. One guy was coughing up blood as a result. Maybe guy was crabby because his tiny weenie got too cold. This may help.

Man Boobs (tits) 

Smuggler's panga boat abandoned off Santa Barbara coast. note the 4 engines! This one is 30 ft.
 Панга лодке контрабандистов отказались от побережья Санта-Барбары. Отметим, 4 двигателя! Это одна 30 футов

Below: Secret Spy pug dog CIA Agent Asset, Mugsie the Best in Show dog.

The evil Black Hand holding The Jolly Roger (the pirate flag)
 Черное зло Рука Веселый Роджер (пиратский флаг)
Above: QR Code

Mad at the Koch brothers fuck them and their money. Hope their next dinner theater event memorialized by snotty person with Kleenex brothers sneezing on their tapioca. 

Boycott list for Koch Industries
  • Lycra
  • Coolmax
  • Tactel
  • SolarMax
  • Polarguard
  • Dacron
  • Thermolite
  • Comforel
  • Antron Carpet Fiber
  • Stainmaster Carpet
  • Cordura
  • VanityFair
  • AngelSoft
  • Quilted Northern
  • Sparkle
  • Brawny
  • MardiGras
  • Dixie
  • DensArmorPlus
  • Platinum Plywood
  • ToughRock
International Brands:
  • Demak Up
  • KittenSoft
  • Lotus
  • Moltonel
  • Tenderly
  • Nouvelle Recycling
  • Okay
  • Colhogar
  • Delica
  • Inversoft
  • Tutto

3:46 PM
Dear Doctor Hamann. Is it normal to have milk in man boobs? A friend has this problem so I am asking for him. Do you think I am pregnant?

Farrell Hamann12:00
Hi Max. Yes, lactation is normal in man boobs and I'm almost certain your are with child (I mean your friend, wink wink). Naturally, there are occasional false positives. One sure way to determine for a male is to wrap a large stool specimen in a Taco Bell burrito wrapper and deliver it in person to the Desk Sargent at you local police station. Just tell them that something's wrong with your burrito and would the lab check it out. Make sure to leave your address and phone!  Stool samples are always welcome at police labs and when they call to thank you, just ask them politely to run a pregnancy test on the "burrito".

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Healing: Forest sounds



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