Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lifestyles of major assholes

Life Styles of the rich and slimy and crooked and at least one nice one.
Rick Perry, Gov of Texas sucks down more than $10,000 a month on rent alone while screwing over Children. (The prick) Owned by the evil Koch Brothers
When the billionaire and millionaires frolic and hang out in Northern California

Monsanto Company $4,208,000.00
E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Co. $4,025,200.00
PepsiCo, Inc. $1,716,300.00
BASF Plant Science $1,642,300.00
Bayer CropScience $1,618,400.00
Dow Agrosciences LLC $1,184,800.00
Nestle USA, Inc. $1,169,400.00
Coca-Cola North America $1,164,400.00
ConAgra Foods $1,076,700.00
Syngenta Corporation $821,300.00
Kellogg Company $632,500.00
General Mills, Inc. $519,400.00
Del Monte $484,125
General Mills $388,798
Bumble Bee Foods $270,426
Sara Lee $246,766
Campbell Soup $179,545
Dole $125,681
Ocean Spray $60,546
Land O’Lakes $59,321
Hero North America $58,028
Kraft Foods $34,404
Godiva $30,666
Smithfield $14,286
Reily Foods Co. $13,214
Heinz $10,444
Idahoan Foods $7,181
Mars $5,773
Bunge North America $5,193
Croplife $5,000
Abbott Nutrition $3,918
Above: Companies fighting the labeling of GMO foods in California and how much they're spending

 McDonald's is not concerned about your health or the health of your kids.

hardly anything beats a Certificate of Appreciation

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