Friday, February 1, 2013

Strange Murders

Read great article about solitary confinement and Pelican Bay State Prison (CA). Guy said conditions better in Iran, even in solitary there.
Don't mess with: Willie Nelson, Mother nature, or The Exalted One
Don't be part of the problem. be part of the solution. So mote it be! 
Mexican Red Leg Tarantula

Below: Strange murder revealed!

911 author murdered?

Below: Very strong evidence that George W. Bush's no. 1 enemy, Senator Paul Wellstone was murdered 
Above: Senator Paul Wellstone, Shrub Bush's arch enemy and threatened by Dick Cheney. Murder?

Farrell Hamann Fine Art, Sacramento, California 

Magnus and Mia pug dogs 

 # Verkragter in Suid-Afrika gekom het om die aandag van kragtige toordokters wat baie kwaad is!# Pasop!

 Mug shots: John Wayne Gacy, the Killer Clown
Lee Harvey Oswald

John Hinckley Jr.

Murdering with the CIA heart attack gun

Drowning does not look like drowning.. They don't wave or call for help, they can't . Is the kid too quiet? Find out why, there is not much time..

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