Friday, July 20, 2012

Scary Women Kill Husbands

La Voisin, one scary women!

Princes and Poisoners:
Studies of the court of Louis XIV
(over 300 pages)

Immurment of a Nun (to be walled in alive) 

Skull bling-bling necklaces. With real hemp cording, very cool (by me 100%)

My Zazzle Store
Sexy Witches!

Two witches stirring a cauldron 

The Whore of Babylon

Female Serial killers Pinterest 

 Old time hair dryer (so they say, real purpose unknown. haha)

link to my new, charming novel
The only moral abortion is my abortion

Billionaire and millionaire Elite Club of California 

How brother, Garibaldi, got a live steam burn on his dick:

Destroying the Commons: On Shredding the Magna Carta. By Noam Chomsky  

The Phobia List A to Z. Want to see some really strange phobias? Look here! 

"Heartwarming" story about how/why a pregnant woman took a crap in her Tupperware 

Voucher schools in Louisiana want kids to think the KKK was OK.  Book from the evil Bob Jones University try to make this case. Ugh! Below: The Imperial Wizard 

Cute Miss Universe has her skirt drop off (Video) 

Mitt Romney, one of the hugest buttholes of all time!! 

Mascot of the GOP War on Women

Todd Akin, Republican freak 
Above: Bully stole my lunch!! By Out by Noon Video Productions, a division of Farrell Hamann Fine Art. Sacramento and Santa Barbara, CA Nail Wraps!!
My daughter associated with this excellent company
I think she did the makeup artistry (she is a perfectionist)

Gay day (everyday) at the Celestial Cat and Pug Art Gallery in Sacramento, CA By appointment
Found: Pink Panties

The Farrell Hamann Show: The FDA is corrupt, fire Taylor

The Farrell Hamann Show: Creepy Hitler photo

The Farrell Hamann Show: Stop being so damn passive!

The Farrell Hamann Show: Stop freezing your butt off every winter!

The Farrell Hamann Show: Brain Cleaner 2.0

The Farrell Hamann Show: Rand Paul Rant

The Farrell Hamann Show: Mr. Skull Bobblehead sings: "Hitler has only got one ball!"

The Farrell Hamann Show: Walmart Spooky Greeters
hate the Koch brothers

The Farrell Hamann Show: Walmart's Spooky Greeters

The Farrell Hamann Show: MK-Ultra Mind Control.
Caution, may be triggering!

The Farrell Hamann Show: The Great Blue Frog and the snake
(sent by Rush Limbaughzbub)

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Papyrus: 4th century. Jesus had a wife?  

Governor of Michigan is a creepy asshole and is owned by Koch Industries



This is how wife sees me sometimes. (on a good day)

Hitler sucked ass

 Ah, Fifi, mon petit chou, ma boulette, ma pêche peu floue .. Juste un baiser sur vos lèvres rouges cerise!

 Secret agent and super spy, Becky, wears Eliminator II shades. Coolness is part of the job!

 Here, honey, have a donut. Muhahahahahahaaaa

Need your feet licked by a pro? Call:
Emir" Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah. At Dog Breath 123 Palace

Dave & Kate (Taterbug) Sweetest love video of all time!

List of Koch brothers (David and Charles) products to boycott

# Verkragter in Suid-Afrika gekom het om die aandag van kragtige toordokters wat baie kwaad is!# Pasop!

Above: From the FBI. Symbols and logos used by pedophiles to identify sexual preferences.

Didgeridoo Animal Healing Lions

Three hour sound healing by a little bird
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Seagull poops on Rush Limbaugh's most expensive cigar

Tricky Dick Nixon's short lived White House Guard uniforms. Nixon nearly laughed out of D.C.
Nixon wanted something kind of imperial

Tesla Plot.. George H. W. Bush was "Curious George" and stole from Tesla and in on Nazi plot to kill him 

Sexism Racism Hunger War

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