Monday, March 25, 2013

My Little Plan For My Art Collection

I have a plan, call it a scheme if you like. First it calls for getting one or more of these, hopefully new:
Steel storage containers with roll up doors. I've seen a brand new one with wider doors that is nicer but this is the only pic I have currently. Also saw a forty foot one with 4 roll up doors. Did I say that I need a well heeled art patron? I do. Well heeled means: with money. Wall Street mavens and tycoons need to pay attention here.

With this rig made attractive, lots of people can see at least one of my collections and it will be very secure. The castle collection is much to heavy to lug around.  Lighting could be provided using photovoltaic juice.

Farrell Hamann Fine Art (in Sacramento but am thinking of setting up in Anaheim, CA)

You can see several art tours, comedy, and cute pets on my YouTube Channel: Farrell Hamann

My Zazzle Store

Mia pug dog AKA Mugsie in my videos

 Above: Angel Investors, Investment bankers who, by all rights, should be swarming like locusts all over my investment grade art collection. The first one who shows up and is not an evil freak, wins a nice surprise! These figures represent the Royalty of Wall Street high rollers.

Chateau on the Rock. Artist: Farrell Hamann. Sacramento, California.

When you see whipped cream with a cherry on top, you will think of California artist, Farrell Hamann. So mote it be! You will think: What can I do to help him in his mission to bring art and fun to the planet Earth.

Mosaic Eggs

Giant lighted sphere (nearly all drilled out)

 Artist/Writer, Farrell Hamann. Taken at Taterbug's wedding in Anaheim, CA

Taterbug Hamann (beauty expert, poet, and novelist)

ZZYZX. dark but funny. Short reading time..

Man Cave of The Exalted One 

The woman wearing the skull necklace basically inspired the necklaces because she likes skulls as a design element. This on has two skull "faces" but you can't tell.. and hangs from hemp cording.  <worth reading. Don't put it off. #Stroke #Warning #Signs 

Part of my Critter Collection.

Polychrome vase. Tape measure is set at 18 inches

Rennes Le Chateau on Tara Hill

 Have Brain, Will Travel


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