Saturday, April 6, 2013


Skull Vase/Urn

Israeli Surveillance: "Big Ears"

911 author, Philip Marshal, murdered by the CIA?
Sean Stinn, targeted Individual/mind control victim. With technical background. Thought to be murdered.
Senator Paul Wellstone, Shrub Bush's No. 1 arch ememy (also threatened by Dick Cheney) 
Shoot out in the Sam Rayburn parking garage in D.C. French, British, American agents.

 Franklin Scandal. Children sex slaves visit the Bush 1 White HouseInvestigating journalist, Gary Webb, suicided

"The Mighty Wurlitzer"  CIA term for the controlled media
Above: Judith Baker, Lee Harvey Oswald's girlfriend

Princess Diana's Death
Interview with Jon King
Princess Di's death re.: James Andanson (Anderson) who owned the white Fiat Uno
Freaky radiation standards #EPA

Beanie Babies, the Frog, and Marbles!! 

 OK, mind controlled dupes of Yahoo, try this for a scenario: You are a  boarder line psycho. Email scans reveal to black ops an opportunity to incite U to kill neighbor (Satan!) Weird CD's FREE! @maddow Or, you're an alcoholic and they see the chance to push some Thunderbird!. Again: you're a patsy for prescription drugs and a bit of a hypochondriac and they easily discover the opportunity to sell you something Really, really expensive. 

The Greenbalm Speech (this is really hairy) Another thing to check out is: The False Memory Syndrome people and scheme  (a free get out of jail pass for pedophiles, sadly)

Clown figurine

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